Rules & Expectations

ALL members of our crew regardless of status are required to adhere to the rules described below or will be subject to disiplinary action(s). These rules may change at any time, without prior notice. These rules should be enforced by ranks of crew tier 3 or greater.

1. No Griefing

We do not tolerate griefing without reason. In terms of griefing, we are referring to destroying cargo or repetitively killing players with no fair reason. Any member caught griefing is subject to disiplinary action(s) regardless of status.

2. No Crew Killing

Crew killing and having intent to crew kill are both strictly forbidden unless you are defending yourself, or if it was a mutually organized 1v1. Any member caught crew killing under any other condition not listed, will be kicked and may face additional disiplinary action(s).
2.1) If a member crew kills on accident, the crew killed victim has full authority to pardon or waive all disiplinary actions for the member that crew killed per that occasion. This pardon can be assumed true if the member that crew killed apologizes and the victim accepts their apology.

3. Good Combat Skillset

Although we are chill stoners, we also should remain fearsome; this doesn't necessarily mean hostile. All members should have anywhere from average to advanced PvP combat skills, though it is not required. There is also no KD or level requirements for members of XTHC as long as they are a stoner (Cannabis or Psilocybin user), otherwise, all other members are required to have a KD of 1.0 or greater.

4. Crew Tags

If the number of people in the crew at any point exceeds 100 members, All members tier 2 and above are REQUIRED to have active crew tags or they will be demoted to tier 1. If the number of people in the crew at any point exceeds 900 members, ALL members are REQUIRED to have active crew tags or they will be kicked from the crew to make room for new members.

5. Cannabis or Psilocybin User

The term, 'stoner' is used to reference a Cannabis or Psilocybin user.
XTHC was created with the intent of bringing the chill tryhards & stoners together & is highly preffered that we prioritize our stoner applicants, however, if you are willing to accept and agree to our rules, then your lack of being a stoner shall not make you subject to any disiplinary actions caused solely from not being a stoner.

Disiplinary Actions

If a crew member is caught engaging in disorderly conduct against our rules & expectations, disiplinary actions may be consequential. These disiplinary actions may include, but are not limited to: