xl Stoners lx [XTHC] is a crew on Rockstar Socialclub for GTA V Online. We consist of a fearsome group of individuals who are stoners & tryhards, but not necessarily griefers, Why? Because, some of us used to be grinders too & know the struggle of getting your cargo helplessly griefed. There are of course a few requirements to get into this crew, these requirements include:

  • +1.0 KD (This is only temporary until we gain more members, likely, this will be increased to +1.5)
  • Is a Cannabis or Psilocybin User (Weed or Shrooms; This is obviously for the gimmick)
  • Agrees to follow ALL of our rules

If you see us in-game with our [XTHC] tag, feel free to come say hi, most of us are pretty chill.


Our Crew Colors

Modded Black
Modded White
Neon Blurple
Neon Cyan
Super Red
Neon Green
Rose Gold
Mint Green
Pure Blue
Hot Pink
Bright Orange
Electric Yellow
Hazy Purple
Dark Maroon

Our Crew Changelog/Feed

xerrabyte set a new active crew emblem


xl Stoners lx was founded